Diallo: Hotep.Homo.Sexist.Simp.

I’m called a “Hotep,” I’m called a Homo, I’m called a Sexist, I’m called a Simp.  

There is so much pettiness, anti-intellecutalism, and non-contextualism
in the Struggle that we can’t even get out the gate let alone think
about winning the Race. ‪#‎Mentacide‬

Here’s my response to the latest “Open-minded” Black Progressive who
wants to lump me in with the “Hoteps,” but it applies to the ‪#‎BlackPuritians‬
who called me a Homo when I denounced the anti-LGBTQ movement in
Africa.  Oh, and the Black Progressive was offended that I suggested
that Oppressed Groups shouldn’t compete to see who’s Oppression is
worse, that they should focus on attacking the Oppressor and ending
Oppression.  She flipped that assertion into me saying that Black women
and LGBTQs should step aside and wait until we (Black men) have won
liberation before their issues can be addressed.  I never said anything
like that; and this is the response I gave the Black Progressive:

“You can discuss and even attack Sexism without trying to prove that
it’s worse than the mass incarceration of Black men. Black men can deal
with gang violence without attacking single mothers, we can attack the
misogyny in Hip Hop without pushing the nonsense of Black Male
Privilege; and so on.

Black Progressives love to attack the "ashy
Hoteps,” but yall have some of the same approaches and attitudes, BPs
are just more alined the with progressive mainstream while the “Hoteps”
are stuck in the conservative past. Yall fight each other with more
aggression and enthusiasm than yall fight the Oppressors; and I hate
being lumped in with either of you, but one calls me the other all the
damn time.

I’m sick of being labeled a “Hotep” when I critique
Feminism or the Gay Rights Movement; instead of people simply
acknowledging the specific critiques and offering their counter
arguments. It’s no different than the “Hoteps” questioning my Manhood
and Sexuality when I expose the White Religious Right’s financing and
directing of the Black anti-abortion and anti-gay movements in the Hood
and in Africa.

Until we are willing subject our views, even the
ones we hold dear to critical and radical analysis we will never
construct any viable agendas, we’ll never have sustainable organizations
or states. Time to grow the fuck up.

The “Hoteps” build these
dead-end cultist movements and the Black Progressives/Liberals have
these diluted reform movements that gain media attention but move us no
closer to liberation; all because we elevate how we fell about an issue
above everything. We think how we feel about something actually impacts
it, can make it right or wrong. That’s Mentacide.

So don’t break
your arm patting yourself on the back because support LGBTQAI rights,
and don’t think you are supporting Africa and African Traditions because
you oppose men in dresses and the effeminzaiton of Black males; all
that shit is surface and will not stop Global White Domination, or
Ecocide, or the next unarmed Black child from being shot dead in the

We need to grow the fuck up, and engage in State-Craft;
or it’s over for us, all of us, the “Hoteps,” and the Forward Thinking,
Inclusive, Black Progressives.

When they loaded the Jews into the
cattle cars they didn’t ask them what their views were on gender
issues, they didn’t care which Jews were secular or religious, they only
saw Jews, and that marked them for death. It’s the same for us.

So, there is a hierarchy of needs and priorities, sorry, and your
feeling strongly about an issue don’t automatically make it the top
priority; it also dosen’t render your issue irrelevant, or unimportant,
but we need to make some sober assessments, and construct a viable way
forward, cuz time is running out for all of us.

We should be
intelligent and disciplined enough to deal with internal conflicts as we
wage a larger war against Oppression and move towards our Liberation.
Our internal conflicts shouldn’t be allowed to divide us or derail our
larger mission; which is survival at this point!

We are up
against a Western system that is destroying the life sustaining capacity
of the whole fucking planet; and we are dividing ourselves between
“Hoteps,” and Black Progressives, while mirroring White social conflicts
instead of setting and following our own damn priorities and agendas.“

That’s the end of my response, but let me say: I’m being exhausted and
we haven’t even began the real work of liberation.  I’m suspecting that
Social Media has much less Organizational potential than I though, and
if that’s the case I don’t need to be on this shit.


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