Brother Diallo, You’ve done any research on Detroit? Why is the place so fucked up right now? Matter of fact, it’s been fucked up a long time. Right wingers say it’s all black folks fault.

Well, Detroit hasn’t been fucked up for a long time, it has actually fallen off within a single human lifespan.  In 1960 Detroit was literally the richest city in America!  No lie, look it up; I got family that were alive and well in 1960! 

What fucked Detroit was was the merger of Racism and Globalization.

In the 60s all of the major cities in the US; Chicago, NYC, Oakland, St. Louis, Detroit were abandoned by it’s White residents because White people saw that Blacks were no longer willing to do the Jim Crow dance with them.

Here’s an open secret, White have no issue with being in close proximity with Black people.  During Slavery they had Blacks all up in their homes, cooking their food, making and warming their beds, suckling their little White babies on our Black breast, and during Jim Crow the same situations existed.  Whites only have an issue with being in close proximity with Black people who are not subservient to them, who will not take their abuses and depredations with a smile and nod.  You’ll find that Blacks who are still willing to Buck Dance for White have an abundance of White friends, and are welcomed in White spaces.

So, in the late 40s, after WWII Blacks started to get uppity, real uppity, we started to fight and shoot back. 

Oh, and here’s another open secret, Racist and Racism was not confined to the South, it was nation wide, even Malcolm X was quick to talk about just how Racist Detroit and NYC were, he would always say, “if you south of the Canadian border you in the South.” 

So, when Blacks across the US begin to follow the lead of Robert F. Williams and other “Negros With Guns,” Whites finally decided that they could no longer stomach the presence of Blacks and fled to the “Suburban Housing Projects.” 

Oh, and here’s another open secret, the Affluent Suburbs that surround all of the major US cities were also Public Housing parading as private investment.  All that shit was funded and guaranteed by public funds. So the same system that build the Slums and Projects that Blacks were herded into erected those lovely Suburbs for Whites.  While the government was giving Black Housing Vouchers they were guaranteeing Private Loans for Whites!  So as Whites were building assets and wealth with government assistance, Blacks were locked into poverty and dependence by the same government.  Like I said: RACISM!

But I digress; Whites left the cities after Blacks said we will not longer tolerate subhuman treatment from the average White citizens without retaliation.

Of course, property value ain’t got shit to do with the infrastructure and housing stocks, property values only reflect how the society values people.  So, if you have a Black majority community it will be of less value than a White population.  If a community becomes exclusively Black then you can buy million dollar homes for a dollar; like they are doing in Detroit right now.  

So, that’s how Racism fucked up Detroit.

Secondly, you have Globalization the followed the Civil Rights Movement and White Flight from the cities.  

Dr. Claud Anderson stated that “the moment Blacks secured their civil rights they were rendered economically obsolete by globalization.”  We gained rights and lost our economic niche. 

Under Globalization the US abandoned the Black worker class and shipped their jobs to China, Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Haiti, etc. Just look at the “made in” label on you clothes, appliance, shoes, smart phone to see where the jobs went. 

Of course eventually White working class jobs went overseas as well but since they started with Blacks Whites cheered the government and corporations on as they shut down industries in the Black cities and shipped them overseas. The White working class yet again chose their perceived Racial Interest over the Actual Economic Interest.  

Detroit was gutted and destroyed by Racism/Racist and Globalization/Capitalist.

Black people mounted an ongoing struggle against the destruction of Detroit, but of course COINTELPRO and the War on/with Drugs dealt the final death blow to the Black Power Struggle that scared off the Whites and the Capitalist parasites in the first place. 

Of course this is a broad overview, but any history of Globalization, Labor History, Housing Policy, and Racism will back me up.  

The only role Blacks played in the fall of Detroit was to stand in opposition to it! Both the Democratic and Republic Parties play a role serving as agents of Corporations who directed them to push Globalization.  

Now another tragic conspiracy of Gentrification, which is a reversal of the White Flight that took place in the 50s and 60s.  They are Ethnically Cleansing Blacks from the urban cores and pushing us out to the devalued, formally White Suburbs.  

So Detroit is gonna return soon, but it will be White and Affluent, and the suburbs will not be Black, poor, negligent, and under siege by the government and their criminal Black agents….unless we, get Radical, and get organized; those who are already Radical and organized need to pool their resources and intensify their liberation efforts.