#BlackLivesMatter Shouldn’t Have Geographical Boundaries.

There are too many damn Black people who only value lives according
to their proximity to Whites.  They put White lives above all, then
Black lives that hold citizenship in White nations, then…that’s it, no
one else matters to most of these Negros, not unless the White media
tells them they matter like in the event of a Tsunami or major
earthquake, then they will care until the media moves on to the next

The same New Negros who are expressing sorrow and outrage about
the SC shootings and deaths support the US and Obama Administration in
its massacring of Haitians, Panamanians, Congolese, Sudanese, Iraqis,
Afghans, the people of East Timor, etc., etc., etc.  

If those Brothers and Sisters who were shot in SC were not US citizens,
if they died in Pakistan from a drone bomb, the masses of Black people
would support the killing, or worse ignore it as if it don’t matter.  

So, since I don’t make a distinction between ‪#‎BlackLives‬
in America and those in the Third World, forgive my lack of shock,
forgive me if I don’t join in the emotional outcries because these
atrocities happen every fucking day for Black people, and I feel them
all, not just the ones that happen on this soil.

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