I like how you called out the fact that America has a white majority and a white minority. Some people still seem to think Latino/Hispanic is a fourth race. The majority of Latino celebrities DNA tests showed them all to be more than 50% white yet some people still act as if them becoming the majority by 2050 is gonna change the system.

Thanks; we only have to look at the Radical discrimination, injustice, and violence in Latin America against Natives and Afro-Latinos (Africans in South and Central America, and parts of the Caribbean) to see what the United States would look like under a Latino Majority-Minorty; just like it has always looked.

People get pissed when I bring this up cuz they so committed to this Black-N-Brown unity mantra.

We seem to be under the impression that we have to ignore the atrocities committed against Africans by a people when they are subjected to Western or White Aggression. 

We can’t talk about Brown Racism against Blacks because of the Racist anti-immigrant movement.  We can’t talk about Arab/Muslim Racism against Blacks because of the Racist Islamophobia running rampant in the West.

But I ask you, who’s ever put aside their legitimate issues and grievances on our behalf?  Who’s ever said: “we can’t deal with our shit right now because Blacks are under Racist attack.”

We should highlight our struggle, advance our interest, expose the crimes against Africans and the African Diaspora, and organize for our total liberation no matter who’s offended or confronted. 

“If you don’t believe me you can check on Univision
I’ve never seen so much racism in all of my life
Every program and news cast, all of em White.”
– Immortal Technique.