What is your definition of neoliberalism? Why is water being privatized?

Neoliberalism means: New Liberalism.  LOL! (Sorry, about that, but my homie Black Star tells people I’m not a funny dude, so I like to prove him wrong.)

Neoliberalism is a return to the nightmare of Laissez Faire economics, anything goes, cutthroat economics.  

You know how political and social conservatives accuse liberals of having an anything goes ideology; a sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll mentality; well neoliberalims applies that to economics, to trade, to production, resource extraction, and to the distribution of wealth and resources.  

Imagine an economy that’s high off meth, making snuff porn, while death metal is blasting out of 12 foot speakers: that’s the neoliberal economy. (If yo don’t know what snuff porn is, I apologize for introducing the concept to you, but Capitalism is literally engaged that situation with Mother Earth, it is raping the Earth to death: Omnicide.)

Just as political/social liberals (supposedly) put no limitations on individual behaviors, economic liberals put no limitations on the economy.  

Neoliberalism seeks to, and is succeeding in removing all regulations to industry, production, extraction, finances, manufacturing, and most importantly capitalist accumulation. 

They seek to return the US, Western Europe (all of the so-called First World) to the state it was in during the first industrial Revolution, where there were no workers rights, not limits on child labor, no restrictions on how much pollution a company could dump into the air, water, or on the land, where there were no limits on the amount of wealth any individual could amass and pass on to their parasitic (inbred) children.  

People are kept ignorant of history, so they think Capitalism brought prosperity to the masses, but that’s bullshit, it was socialist reforms that allow for the expansion of the middle class. Just read A People’s History of the United States, Zinn breaks all the shit down in a very accessible text.  

Capitalism generates mass poverty and concentrated wealth, not general prosperity!

I’m not sure why people still don’t understand that, it’s so fucking obvious.

NeoLibs seek to do away with the concessions and reforms that were won in the Labor Struggle, the New Deal reforms, the Great Society reforms, the Woman’s Movement, the Civil Rights Movement; and all other progressive reform and integrationist struggles that put limits on capital, capitalism, and capitalist: and they are succeeding, as I said earlier.  

So, Neoliberalism ain’t really new, that its a return to old school capitalism, without the government regulations, socialist reforms, and protections for the masses.  

Water is being privatized for the same reason all other public utilities, schools, prisons, hospitals, the military, police departments, trash collection, policy formation, colleges, universities, health insurance, parking meters, national parks, highways, local roads, public housing; and all other public services and infrastructure are being privatized.

It’s being privatized so that human parasites, who do no productive work can make a profit off of our work, our needs, our collectively owned and regulated resources and institutions.  Capitalism is a parasitic system, so it will such the life blood out of any and everything.  

Don’t believe the hype that privatizations brings savings, efficiency, reduces corruption and waste, or any of that other bullshit; the only thing privatization does is allow a small group of parasites to generate profits off of shit they don’t make any needed contributions to.

That’s why we should opposed everything from Charter Schools to Military Contractors; at least as long as this System stands.