What do you think about Bill Cosby getting his ni66a wake up call?

It came too late!  

I wish Cosby got his #NWUC before he embarked on his campaign against the impoverished Black masses, single mothers, criminalized Black youth, and Black Radicalism and Progressivism.


Bill Cosby before being exposed as a serial rapist was already displaying the psychopathology of a predator on the political and cultural arena; and I think he has done immeasurable damage.

When he was the poster predator for Black Conservatism his charitable donations to New Negro Institutions was considered an appropriate fee to pay for the right to go on the global stage and articulate some of the most anti-Black, Right Wing stereotypes against the most vulnerable members of the already oppressed Black communities across the US.

Between the Reagan and Clinton administrations there was an all out assault on the concessions and reforms Black had secured during the Civil Rights Struggles.  Reagan, Bust 1.0, Clinton 1.0, and even Obama all targeted programs, policies, and allotments meant to address longstanding injustices and economic imbalances between the White majority and the Black communities in the US.  This is alos the era where genocidal Black mass incarceration was put on steroids.  Mass Incarceration stared with Nixon, hell it really started with the Black Codes in the late 1800s, but HeelBillary took that shit to a whole new level! Oh, and there was the CIA induced and sustained “crack epidemic” to top it all off.

During this whole time Bill was the #1 Black person in America, his show “The Cosby Show” was portraying images of Black achievement and integration at the exact same time the Black community was being systematically disintegrated, mass incarcerated, and all of the CRM concessions were being eroded!  

I don’t think this was an accident, it’s laid out in the Art of War; make a noise the East (make a successful Black family #1 on TV), while attacking form the West (War on Drugs, Welfare Reform, The Conservative Revolution).

On top of that, Bill ‘Black the Victim’ Cosby would travel the nation saying that Blacks are responsible for our own oppression, poverty, disenfranchisement, and underdevelopment.  He said Whites “kept their end of the bargain” and the Blacks failed to; that bargain was them giving us freedom, integration, opportunity, and support; and we squandered it all.  There are still Uncle Toms, and New Negros who believe and articulate this shit; but Bill Cosby was there King until the #NWUC came to him.  

Bill Cosby was “America’s Dad” because the muthafucka fathered the return of fucking Jim Crow to Black communities in service to White Domination; White folks fucking loved Cosby before they gave him his #NWUC.

Bill provided ideological and cultural cover for the New Jim Crow to be imposed on the Black masses, but he donated money to help bring more New Negros into the service of the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, and all Blacks were supposed to bow down to his tax deductible donations to Negro institutions that didn’t address or server the interest of the Black masses.  Fuck that and fuck him.  

Oh, and Cosby’s final insult was funding and promoting that godawful rap group The Cosnarati.  SMH.  Fuck him for that too.  LOL!

If he had just gotten his #NWUC a few decades earlier we would have been spared at least that.  The damn Cosnarati….really?  LOL! SMH.

Bill is not responsible for Black oppression and all that, but he was a willing and enthusiastic tool of the Empire, just like another beloved and visible Black man with a beautiful Black wife and family, who’s name I won’t mention

I been saying this since the mid-1990s, but no one was willing to listen until the rape allegations resurfaced.  

So, I’m glad that he got his Nigga Wake UP Call, as I am when any New Negro or Uncle Tom gets that inevitable call, but I just wish it came sooner.  Another issue I have is that it seems like other NNs and UTs are not learning from Bill’s experiences, so we can expect more #NWUCs to come down the line sooner or later.