What are your thoughts on Dr. Joy Degruy and post-traumatic slave syndrome?

When she dropped that shit in the 90s I though, “hmmmm, she has a good point,” but now I think that she failed to build on and advance that analysis; PTSS is a Liberal Complaint, it’s not a Radical Critique or Radicals Analysis; or at least she’s failed to advance any Revolutionary plans of actions based on her analysis. 

She has actually regressed in her position, she’s essentially an Integrationist at this point.  Peep that grocery store video; we she makes some empty and liberal assertions about Racism, Race, and solutions. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf9QBnPK6Yg)

Also, there ain’t shit “Post” about our trauma or our enslavement, and it’s wrong to pretend like Black people are suffering from shit that happened prior to 1868, the trauma has been consistent and unbroken; so I think it’s misleading to throw that “Post” in here analysis, because the oppression is current, continuous. 

But people are gonna eat up he PTSS stuff because it allow us to imagine that our current dysfunction is tied to the past, and we have to “heal,” from the past instead of fight in the present. 

So I wouldn’t recomend Dr. Degruy’s works to anyone, there’s far better analysis, Radical, Revolutionist, Pan-African Analysis about the Black mentality, our trauma, and solutions out there to waste time on Liberal Integrationis complaints about PTSS.