On Steve ‘I Don’t Give A Damn About Slavery’ Harvey.

Is Steve Harvey
gonna publicly announce his forgiveness of all those Racist calling him
a “coon, monkey, and illiterate ni99er,” like he publicly forgave Paula Deen for referring to all the rest of us as ni99ers?

Come one Steve ‘I don’t give a damn about slavery’ Harvey; tell all of
these Racist trolls how you give them, invite them on your show and
embrace them.

‪#‎NWC‬ ‪#‎NiggaWakeUpCall‬:
the Nigga Wake Up Call this is a term given to us by Paul Mooney, it’s
wen a Black person who thinks that their liberal views, their wealth,
their education, or some other surface shit has allowed them to
transcend their Race, or rise above Racism; and the White world reminds
them that they have not, and can not.