I’m suspicious when people glorify Lincoln and the Civil War saying northern whites cared more about blacks than southern whites. This narrative is part of the mythology that people use to prop modern America on a moral pedestal. Furthermore, war and oppression sometimes has a way of making the losing side more primitive culturally. What if Sherman’s March to the Sea and other depredations on the part of Union forces actually set race relations in the south between blacks and whites back

We can confidently look back and see that the US Civil War was not about ending slavery, but about modernizing slavery and shunting the wealth of the nation from the agriculturalist class (Planters) in the South to the investment banking class in the North.

To Lincoln and the Northern military/political leadership, enslaved Africans were pawns, and later poker chips used to reunite the nation and negotiate the peace between the Unionist and Confederates.

Africans were re-enslaved in a system of share-cropping and forced labor after the Union Troops were recalled from the South and the Planters took over the political and policing systems of the South once again.  This neo-slavery was supported by the North and lasted until agriculture in the US began to be industrialized.

As Southern Agriculture was industrialized mass, unskilled Black labor become obsolete and our ancestors were driven out of the South into the Slums of the North and the Hoods of the West. 

When we got to the North and the West we faced that same discrimination and brutality as we were fed into the industries of the North and used to bust Unions (that also excluded and brutalized us).  Then came deindustilizaiton and globalization; which rendered Black workers obsolete once again.

That’s when Nixon started the neo-neo-slavery of Mass Incarceration and ghettoization; and that’s were we are now; we are moving to the Suburban Slum phases of a neo-neo-neo-slavery in the US as Economic Ethnic Cleansing (aka: Gentrification) takes holds of formally Black urban centers.

Slavery was never ended, or even outlawed, just reformed and re-justified.

“Slavery/Racism has always held Blacks in their place until progress could come along and steamroll over us.” – Dr. Claud Anderson

The North has never been better than the South in its treatment of Blacks, like Malcolm X stated; “Stop talking about the South, if you are South of the Canadian border you are in the South,” articulating that there’s not safe haven, or less Racist region of this nation, they only differ in methods. 

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