In your opinion, is racism permanent?

No, Racism is relatively new to the world, most of human history advanced without Racism.

Now, there will always be prejudice, xenophobia, and bias; but the Institutional Power needed to erect and sustain Racism is already deeply decayed and eroding; we just need to work to make sure that the collapse of Racism and the fall of the Racist does not take the rest of us down with it through Nuclear War, or Total Ecosystems Collapse; which is what Racism, White Domination is driving the world to.  

Racism, its requirments and outcomes are all Omnicidal, which is why even intelligent Radical White people fight against it.  

White Liberals don’t fight Racism, they seek to reform it.  Liberals want to end Racism while sustaining all of the Wealth and Privilege secured through Racist policies, that’s just not possible.  They also pretend that ending Racism is about changing attitudes and feelings of White people, and allowing POC to participate in the Racist Power Structure, which is also bullshit.

Ending Racism means the total dismantling of the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination and Capitalism.  

Racism is doomed, the only question is; can we accelerate its death before it take down the life-sustaining capacity of the earth with it.  

Oh, and one more thang…