Black Men, Before You Criticize Feminism….

Brothers, if you (correctly) oppose the Ideology and Agendas of
Feminism, then you had better make damn well sure you purge all Sexist,
anti-Women, Patriarchal, and Objectifying attitudes and treatment of

If not, then you are an asset to the Feminist, and you
look dumb as hell attacking Feminism at the same time you walk around
like a living recruitment poster for their movement.

It’s also
not enough to not be a Sexist, you have to fight Sexism, among your
Homies, in your organizations and groups, in your Community, in your
nation, in the world; or you need to shut the fuck up about Feminism.  
You can’t complain about Feminism offering dead-end and false solutions
to Sisters while you offer nothing whatsoever.

The basic fee for
being an opponent of Feminism is: Accepting the instruction and
leadership of anti-Feminist Black women in their efforts to fight
against Gender Based Oppression.  You can only legitimately oppose
Feminism if you are an active ally of Women; even Feminist women.

If you are only respectful towards women who agree with you on
everything, women who are down with your program or behave in ways you
think they should; if you show these women respect but you start calling
Feminist “bitches, whores, then enemy;” then you are a fucking Sexist.

Now, I ain’t saying you should tip-toe around Feminist, that you can’t
debate them, hell you can even mock them and argue with them without
attacking their womanhood.  I see men argue and disagree all the time
without attacking each others manhood, identity, or gender.  If you
don’t know how to do this, then don’t argue with Feminist, and find a
Sister who’s willing and able to instruct you in how to do so.

I’ve been called a “Homo, Hotep, an Agent, a clown, a punk, a liar,
etc.” by Feminist, but I don’t go there with them, I will criticize
their ideas, and even mock their positions, but I don’t enter the realm
of sexism and misogynist; cuz I ain’t no Sexist or Misogynist, but also
because there are other men watching me, there are Sisters watching me
and I don’t want to perpetuate that behavior.  Even if you have an
anti-Feminist Sister who goes in on Feminist Sisters and call them
“bitches,” and other gender-based insults, don’t go there with her.  
Such insults should be as off limits to men as the “N-word” is off
limits to Whites; and I shouldn’t have to explain why.

I’m happy
that more and more Black men and women are waking up to not only
Feminism, but all of these Integrationist movements and ideologies that
have obstructed and derailed us over the decades, but if we allow the
AfroSexist, RBGangstas, New Negros,Toxic Black Nationalist, and Black
Puritans to infiltrate our anti-Integrationist efforts they will poison
them from the inside as the Integrationist attack us from the outside.  

The best thing you can do to attack and invalidate the Feminism is by
being anti-Sexist and the best ally to Black women you can possibly be.