I am not american so excuse me for my english grammar ! I wanna know exactly in your words what exactly is Wall Street and is it responsible for world wide poverty especially in Africa ? Also what would a fully liberated Africa mean for the Wall Street ?

No, Wall Street is one of many Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination.  Wall Street works with Western Academia, Western Armies, Western NGOs, Western Think Tanks, Western Media/Propaganda, and Western Religions to sustain and expand White Domination, and White Domination is responsible for “word wide poverty, especially in Africa.”

Wall Street, along with International Banking and Lending Institutions are the brokers, they divvy up the spoils of conquest, they fund the conquest, they lend money to the conquers; but they don’t directly engage in the conquest.  

To understand Wall Street you’ll have to examine it in the larger contest of Western Imperialism and White Domination.  People, especially White Liberals who think that Wall Street is the root of all evil, or the sole problem with America or the world are misinformed or just lying.  

After the Great Depression, leading up to the post WWII Era there are strict regulations placed on Wall Streets, regulations and policies they allow Wall Street to operate free of major collapses or bubbles for decades (you can thank Bill Clinton for putting the final death nail in the coffin of Wall Street Regulation), but that didn’t put a dent in 3rd World exploitation, Western Aggression, and White Domination.  

Look up the works of Chalmers Johnson and John Perkins if you want to know how Wall Street and all these other White Systems and Institutions dominate the world and keep the rest of the world impoverished.  

So, if the Left manages to once again re-regulate Wall Streets, it will not bring Liberation to the world, or Africa.  We’ll have to dismantle or defeat all of the Systems and Institutions of Domination and Oppression before we can have a liberated world, and a liberated Africa. 

A full liberated African would mean the death of Wall Street, it would mean the death of Global Capitalism, Global Militarism, and Global White Domination because the resources that sustain Wall Street and White Domination are found in Africa.  

We have a historical reference for this, the last time the West was cut off from Africa’s wealth they called it the Dark Ages.  The West did not enter a Renaissance until it reengaged Africa and got access to its wealth yet again.