What did you say in your lost radio show? The one you didn’t record?

Shiiid, I wish I know, if I had that kinda recall I wouldn’t have to record the show. LOL!

Sometimes you can catch the Fb Live recording of the show that didn’t get picked up by the janky recording equipment I use to record the audio of the show for the archives, here’s where you can find vids of the #BroDialloShow: Videos!

I need better recording equipment, I also want to produce a TV program to compliment the radio show, plus a whole buncha other shit. 

So, I apprciate that you listen so the show and check the archives but I also need my listeners to act as promoters, get the word out about the show, share the website and the shows, and the YouTube and errthang.

Also, if you got it you can donate or become a Patreon for the show; help to support the show in any other creative ways you can.

www.diallokenyatta.com : #BroDiallo
www.africanworldorder.com : #AWC

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