Support Who’s Troops?

There is no practical or historical reason for any citizen or subject of the US to “support the military,” or “our troops.”

When and where you find anyone in awe of the military, who call the
troops heroes, you will find a person who is a case study in the
successful execution of propaganda and indoctrination.

The local trash man does more to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones than any solider in the US military.

You owe more of your Freedoms to political prisoners, political exiles,
whistle blowers, social deviants, criminals, and subversive than to any
soldiers, or the military in general.

There are more heroes in your local community doing unseen and unappreciated work than in the entire US armed forces.  

Closing US military bases in nations across the world will do more to
reduce the enemies of the US than having a million more nukes, drones,
and soldiers.  

The only reason any person venerates the armed
force of their nation is because they are ignorant of the military, how
and for what purposes it functions.