Brother Diallo, since Trump and Kim are threatening each other with nuclear annihilation, what is the likelihood of full scale nuclear war in the next 100 years? You have children? Do you think they will live to see nukes being used by an insane piece of shit?


First off, the earth has already endured a Nuclear Holocaust. White Nations have been building and exploding Nuclear bombs, creating and spreading nuclear waste since 1945; that was the start of the “Nuclear Age.” White have been mining and contaminating ecosystems with uranium since the early 1800s!

We didn’t have to have a Nuclear War to bring about global Nuclear contamination, and all of the resulting negative environmental and biological affects.  The world has endured over 2,000 nuclear bomb explosions on land, in the oceans, and in the atmosphere since nukes were first invented, and that’s known test; nations like Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea, Iran, South Africa, and China engage in secret testing and explosion of nukes to this day, while the Western Powers still test and deploy nuclear weapons in the open!

So, the West has already set us on the slow path to Nuclear Annihilation, Western Europe is the most radioactive landmass on the earth…until Japan had it’s nuclear meltdown in 2011.

So, if you are just getting up in arms about nukes and the potential for nuclear contamination of the earth, of our ecosystems, of our bodies, you way late to the game.

Also, the US is not about to have a Nuclear War with North Korea, they just need to stoke these conflicts to sustain Global Capitalism, the Military-Industrial-Corporate Complex, and to distract us from domestic corruption and social erosion. 

Also, nuke are being used by the US in the form of “micro-nukes” on the tip of bunker buster bombs (EPWs), depleted uranium rounds, and other nukes that are not classified as nuclear weapons.  Afghanistan and Iraq have been turned into nuclear hot-zones during the War on Terror.  

Here’s a rule of thumb: if the corporate media is telling you to fear something, it’s 99% likely that you don’t need to fear that shit at all, look at the shit the corporate media, the elites, and the State ignore, or tell you not to fear; that’s where the real trouble is. 

Start to follow and study the research of Dr. Helen Caldicott; she’s the most honest and informed researcher and advocate on the issue of nuclear contamination and the nuclear warfare: