An Obama Statement on the Brown Murder: Be Careful What You Wish For


I know it’s fucked up that Obama got (public) sympathy, and made a public statement about Mork from Ork but has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the state sponsored terrorism plaguing the Black community.

But I would suggest that we refrain from calling for the President to speak on or act on our issues, just look at when we protested and demanded that he take action in the past.

Yall remember Obama speaking on or to Black people in the past right, how he tells us to stop complaining, stop being stuck in the past, to stop being childish; yall remember that right?

Don’t tell me yall don’t remember how he talked some bullshit about how if he had a son that his (fictional) son would have looked like Trayvon Martin at the same time he was supporting domestic and international policies that lead to the mass incarceration and premature deaths of thousands of young men and women who would also could look like fictional sons and daughters.

Have we forgotten that he came to South Chicago to lecture poor Black youths about violence, now, he didn’t bring any resources, didn’t set up any institutions, didn’t advocate for any change in the city’s discriminatory policies, he just sat in a room with some Black youth and told them to chill out with the violence. He also didn’t mention the fact that he has his own personal Kill List and has ramped up Bush’s Neo-Con military aggression all over the world. Am I the only one who smells the hypocrisy?

We know Obama sees what’s going on in the hood because he presides over the largest (illegal) government spying network the world has ever seen, just ask Edward Snoden.

So, we should already know that; besides Looking Black and being a (Fake Ass) Positive Role Model for New Negro youth; Obama ain’t about to kick shit back to the Black community. Whatever we get of substance from his administration will have to by-products or crumbs we snatch from his offerings to the Elite, or other, better organized and aggressive groups.

Besides, WTF yall think Obama gon say when he’s finally allowed to make a statement…yes “Allowed,” as in “given permission to,” because that’s what he’s waiting for. If didn’t know he needed permission, or who grants that permission, then you are too ignorant of politics in this nation to understand anything else I’ve written, so just scroll past.

Remember when Obama spoke outta turn and without permission when the Pigs snatched Skip Gates off his own porch? Then he had to do that humiliating Beer Summit on the White House lawn with Skip and the racist cop who refused to apologize to either of them. LoL; and yall think these New Negro Academics and Politicians gonna fight for us when they don’t even stand up for their own dignity.

Let me wrap this up, because I can’t think about Obama too long without getting a headache; but I’ll just take a quick look into my Political Crystal Ball and see what Obama will say if given clearance to speak on the police terrorism.

Obama will say Bullshit like:

-Obama will tell us how sad and what a tragedy the “accidents” have been; as if we didn’t fucking know that already.

-He’ll say some shit to remind us he’s Black too, akin to the “would have looked like my son,” crap he said about Trayvon.

-He will refer to the fact that Mike Brown was going to college, to make it seem like he’s different, as if going to college makes you less worthy of being murdered by the cops. As if college make Black people more human or worth of better treatment.

-He will inform us that there will be an investigation (done by the same racist state that support the racist cops and empowers them to subjugate the Black community).

-He will condemn the “riots,” in the strongest the most direct and strongest way possible.

-He will top the statement off, and strongly emphasize how the cops are generally good, and how we need to respect both the law and law enforcement! That will be the main point of his statement.

Hell, Obama should hire me to write his statement, if he get permission to make one, I know his style better than him, or at least better than his Black Supporters.

So, please don’t call for Obama to “say something,” you’ll wish you didn’t. Just know that our solutions ain’t coming from the New Negro Elite, or from the government, we gotta fix all this shit ourselves, and government/NNs will offer opposition, not support.

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