I saw something today which sickened and saddened me. In Haiti, they’re making mud cookies, with just enough flavoring and minimal nutrition. When will the international community become outraged by this poverty caused by French imperialism?!

The IC (International Community) is what’s behind the atrocities in Haiti, so we can only expect them to sustain, exacerbate, or cover up the persistent issues in Haiti.

The IC is not all nations under international law and treaties like they tell us; it’s not the UN.  The IC are the Western Imperial nations and their puppet regimes in the Third World; that’s it.  If a nation does not bow to the agendas of the West and the International bankers, then they are rogue nations, terrorist nations, they are not members of the IC.

The world is essentially divided up by the 5 Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council; GB represent all of Western Europe and the US also carries Canada, Israel, and Saudi Arabia; that’s it, that’s the IC; everyone else is a puppet or an outsider. 

If there was any integrity or self-respect in the hearts of the elected, or dictatorial leaders of African, Asian, South American, and Island nations they would all exist the UN.  They represent the majority of the world’s people yet have no veto power in the Security Council.  The UN is a global dictatorship, not a democratic organization. 

I’m sickened and saddened by the repression leveled against Haiti since their Revolution in the early 1800s, the West can never allow Haiti because it is a beacon for all of the African Diaspora, as Haiti goes so goes the African Diaspora.  We can’t rise without liberating Haiti, and the West knows this. 

Haiti is the living embodiment of New World African Resistance. 

But the Struggle Continues, on all fronts.

Neither France nor any other imperial nation will ever answer for their crimes; empires either implode from their own internal corruption, they are overthrown by their subjects, or they continue to oppress and exploit.  No empire has every been reformed, only destroy or driven out.  So there’s no point in expecting justice for Haiti from the West, we have to build Pan-African Power and Take Justice. 


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