Brother Diallo, I understand that you are a vegan, but surely you can’t be against the consumption of meat entirely? Human beings have eaten meat since appearing on this planet. I think you are right to attack industrial farming and gmo foods. But what about the simple herdsman that raises animals chemical free and his or her entire economic situation is based around this and has to feed their children on the animals they raise?

My primary issue is with industrial, corporate, subsidized meat production/processing/consumption. I wouldn’t deny their Maasai herdsmen their cattle, or the Inuit their fish and sea mammal consumption.


The problem is in the West, in the first world, or so-called industrialized nations; that’s where I promote Veganism.  I also advocate Veganism across humanity, when it is practical. 


Many diseases of affluence and modernization like obesity, CAD (cardiovascular diseases), (diet related) cancers, Type-2 diabetes, etc. are emerging in the 3rd World and in so-called developing nations, as the S.A.D. (standard American diet) in imposed on more and more of the earth’s inhabitants.  So Veganims needs to go global, it needs to penetrate Africa, Latin America (were the Amazon is being cut down to grow soybeans and grains to be fed to livestock for meat production, that’s fucking insane!), the Caribbean (which already has a largely meat free dietary culture (thanks to Rasta culture), and in Asia.


It is the moral and political obligation for we who like in the West to go Vegan, to reduce our carbon footprint, and to divest from the systems and institutions that cause so much ecocide and human suffering.

If you live in the West, or a developed and industrialized nation, and you eat meat you are direly contributing to the destruction of the world’s ecosystems; switching to a Vegan diet is one of the most basic ways to contribute to global justice and you your own personal, family, and community health.



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