Diallo, you’re a great critical thinker and read quiet often. Have you, or have you ever entertained the thought of reading books and literature written by white supremacists, such as ‘The Turner Diaries’ or ‘Mein Kampf’?

I’ve read Mein Kampf, The Turner Diaries, The Eternal Jew, Civil War II: The Coming Break Up of America, The Bell Curve, The White Man’s Bible, etc.  I’ve also read all that White Nationalist text like Behold A Pale Horse, The Unseen Hand, Conspirators Hierarchy, Pawns in the Game, etc. 

I grew up in Missouri, I used to go to gun shows, preparedness exposes (preparedness used to be called survivalism).  I used to go to White Christian Nationalist books stores, I used to talk to the guys from the militia movement when they would stage Liberty Marches, or set up info and recruitment tables around the city.  Hell, I’ve even been to some lectures given by prominent right-wing White Nationalist like Texe Marrs (I tried to ask him some questions after his talk but he literally ran in the other direction, LOL); and more centrist White Nationalist like Dr. Len G. Horowitz (whom I was able to question and have a conversation with after he gave a speech at a preparedness expo).

I’m very familiar with White Nationalist writings and ideology; from the far right to the center, to the leftist White Nationalist like many Libertarians.  

So yeah, I read more than Noam Chomsky and Marx when it comes to White folks.  LOL!  

Oh, and those Black Nationalist, and “Conscious Clowns” who always talking that bullshit about how we need to “stop paying attention to the White man,” are fucking stupid.  We need to not only study them, but collect and archive that info.

I don’t think it’s wise to shun books and content that you disagree with, even if that shit is Racist, like Dead Prez said; “Know Your Enemey, Know Yourself…” (I know Sun Tzu said it first, but DPZ said it to a dope beat, LOL).