Why I Am: A Pan-African Assement.


When your community is disorganized, under siege, under funded, and flooded with drugs & weapons; you are at war. African people are under direct and ongoing attack from both public and private interest.

The US government has been engagedin perpetual warfare against its African inhabitants since our forced entry into this nation.  Although the justifications and methods for waging war against us have chanced over the years, the US government has never relented, for one second, in its aggression against us. The US government has used guns, bombs, mass incarceration, propaganda, theft, benign neglect, mass indoctrination, mass impoverishment, religious justification, & scientific rationalization in its war against us.

This war that the US government has waged against its African citizens is, like most wars, is primarily for resources.  They attack us to protect their ill-gotten wealth, and to rob us of our financial, natural, cultural, and historical resources.  The secondary provocation for this war is to satisfy the (almost universal) xenophobic drive to attack the “Other."  There is not one culture/race that the European has encountered, anywhere in the world, that they did not wage war against and seek to totally dominate, if not exterminate.  It is an impulse they have yet to overcome.

Every African born in this nation must answer a simple question:  Where do I stand in this conflict.  Do you stand with African people or against them, there is no in-between.  You either fight Global White Domination, or you serve it. 

If you seek to move away from African people, to move "outta the hood,” and into “safer” non-African communities, then your are a Deserter. 

If you blame Africans for the ills they suffer and fail to put African dysfunction & self-rejection within the context of the ongoing, and multi-generational trauma we have endured, then you are a Traitor.

If you intend to “just do you,” and discount the plight of African people, even though your ability to “just do you” is the direct result of the struggle and sacrifices of your Revolutionary ancestors, then your are a Parasite.

If you fail to educate and train yourself in order to properly engage in the African Liberation & Redemption Struggle, then your are Negligent.

If you claim to be engaged in the struggle but fail to properly organize, or you spread falsehoods, and spew empty rhetoric, then you are Criminally Negligent.

If you believe that the struggle is over, that Obama is evidence of our full integration, then you are Delusional.

It is not my intent to insult, but African people are once again at the crossroads.  The system and institutions of White Domination are in the later stages of collapse, there are new, equally oppressive powers emerging from Asia; and they are both scrambling for the resources of our Ancestral home.

The African Diaspora is still unorganized and has no measurable power in the world; and most of the nations that we reside in have implemented campaigns of genocide against their African inhabitants, including the US. 

The very climate of the planet is shifting in unpredictable and violence ways.  Mass extinctions of plant and animal life, contamination of the air, and the pollutions of all sources of fresh water on this globe are also problems for which we and our descendants face.

I take the position that; if African values in particular, and Native values in general can not be imposed and expanded on this planet, then there will be absolutely no hope for African people, humanity, or any lifeforms on this planet. 

This is why I am a Revolutionary, why I keep pushing this information, these ideals, and the Pan-African agenda. It’s why I am.