Do you think people are wrong when the say that racists are dumb (low IQ) ?

Yes, they are wrong; Racist run the full gambit of human intelligence, from absolute idiot to genius.  

One of the smartest Racist, who taught the White Elites how to suppress Black Militancy and Revolt without using so much violence and open repression is B.F. Skinner.  He conceptualized the “Technology of Control,” which allows our oppressors to allow us “freedom and dignity” but we still are unable to secure the true liberation we need, or even attenuate the atrocities committed against us. 

B.F. Skinner figured out that you can allow Blacks to accumulate billions of dollars, allow Blacks to have a commanding presence in pop culture, to allow Blacks to have a commanding presence in the trillion dollar pro-sports industry, allow Blacks to enter the military and learn martial training and tactics, hell; he even understood way before the rest of us that you could even allow a Black person to become the president of a White Racist nation, and none of this would ever be a threat to White Domination.  In fact Skinner understood that all of this and more would further entrench White Domination and Black Dysfunction.  

Hell, let’s take it further back. 

The Foundations of the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Black Oppression in the United States was laid by men, who had the equivalent of an 8th grade education by today’s standards (there were some learned men among them, but most were not) .  It was established by men who didn’t have access to 1/100th of the technological, psychological, or historical understanding that we have today.  They didn’t have advanced training in psychology, propaganda, or even governance and public policy.  Most of them were trades men or farmers!  

Yet the fundamental Systems and Agendas that they put into play are still going strong.  Their descendants have been able to simply build on their foundation without having to restart like we have over the course of 200+ years under their System, that’s fucking impressive from a political and historical context.

We have Black mean and women who have some of the most advanced training in the world, yet they still bow to these Systems and Agendas established by men who wouldn’t be qualified to work at McDonald’s if they were here today, they wouldn’t know how to operate a phone or drive a car; they would need a tutorial on how to operate a basic light switch in our homes! The Founding Fathers were primitive by today’s standards but they still have proven to be brighter and more resilient than most Black scholars and Negro Elites today.  If this was not the case, at the very lease we would have been able to force them to rework their Systems from the Foundations at lease once or more in our struggles against White Aggression and Domination.  

So, we underestimate the intelligence of Racist at our own peril.  

Just cuz we see them do irrational and savage shit all over the world, don’t mistake savagery and irrationality for stupidity; they are not the same.  

There are stupid Racist, but they tend to be cannon fodder for the Elite Racist, they don’t run shit.  We need to let go of the image of a Racist as a toothless, beer smelling, pot bellied Redneck who lives in a trailer park.  Racist are articulate, well mannered, and they are often very effective at hiding their Racism and their Racist Agendas.  Racist can even endear millions of Black people and secure our people’s uncritical support.  Just ask #Heelary.