Mass Organization: Steps 1 & 2.

First two formations and protocols for any Mass Organization:

1. Mass Media Apparatus : If you don’t articulate your positions,
values, agendas ect. to the people you intend to organize, then you are
not serious about organizing.  Also, you allow your enemies and
oppressors to articulate who you are and what you are about to the
masses and your People.  

No matter the stage of the struggle, and the level of development of your organization, you need to be constantly engaged in
Outreach, Advocacy, (political & ideological) Education, and
Recruitment.  That can only be done if you have a fully form Mass Media
Apparatus within your Organization.

2. Revenue Generation/ Resource Procurement :  You are not gonna fund a
Revolution off of donations, you need to provide your community with
services and goods that are of value to your community, then used the
resources generated from providing those goods and services to support
those engaged in the struggle, and to fund the non-revenue generating
efforts, and projects of the organization.  

Also, organizations
need to focus on resources, not just cash, there’s also social and
cultural capital; which are very valuable.  There’s nothing inherently
Revolutionary about poverty, nor is there any reason for Pan-African
organizations to always operate from a financial deficits.

Once these two operations are in place and fully ingrained into an Organization, then all the other work is ready to begin.

This is were the Pan-African Alliance will be starting off.