what’s your take on the use of mulatto (European/Asian and African mixed)children. Who has been used as overseers of us all through out history but more so now with Obama. Do you think they could be allies in the struggle for African liberation or will they always be beholding to the oppressor because of his power position?

I still hold to the “One Drop” rule, which seems to be less and less popular these days, among Blacks and multiracial Blacks. 

I think the use of multiracial Blacks was more important during slavery, Jim Crow, and direct colonization of Black lands and people.  The color-caste system of light and dark Blacks is much less needed now because you have both Obamas and Clarance Thomas’ who are willing to do the dirty work for the Empire. 

The oppressors are so much more sophisticated now, and the whole dividing Blacks by skin tone is a more primitive tactic, now they can divide us by educational achievement, frat memberships, income levels, religious sects, etc, etc, etc.  Back in the day Blacks didn’t have that much intenral separtion, just House Slave and Feild Slave, so they had to invent dividions, but now, after integration we’ve got millions of dividions.  Skin tone dividions are still with us, but their isn’t unity among us darker complected Blacks. 

Black people of multiracial heritage also now have options that didn’t exsist in the past, they can be non-Black, or pretend to be, like Raven Symone.  That was not an option decades ago, they had to be Black unless they were able to totally pass, but they didn’t play that multiracial or biracial game, that was not an option. 

So, my position now is to allow multiracal Blacks to inform me of their identiey and affiliations through their words and actions.  Some show/tell me they are Black, some say multiracial, and some say they don’t want to be classified as any Race, and I accpet this.  I unite with my Black folks who are down with Pan-Afrcain Liberation, I don’t care about their complexion. 

All that being said, I also don’t think the Black race should be the dumping ground for the rejects of all other Races, we should have parameters and standards.  I think we should construct ideological and behavioral standards especially; I’m all for exposing, isolating, and ejecting treasonous New Negros from our communities, our movements, and our Race if need be.  But in this era there will be as many Dark-skinned Blacks as there are multiracial Blacks kicked out for treason if we ever got around to making this our people’s protocol.