I Dun Forgot What I Was Tryna Say.

In a time of war, what was once seen as simple entertainment can become treasonous.  Our Oppressors understand this, but I guess they never bothered to teach it to our Negro Leaders or our Minstrel Entertainers.

We are under armed siege, economic blockades, mass detainment and incarceration, and biochemical attack from a better armed and equipped enemy; and the most visible members of our Race; (Shit Hop artist, professional Ball Chasers, R&B (Rhythm & Bullshit) singers, and Modern Day Minstrels [Actors and Actresses]) are busy creating anti-African propaganda while promoting the agendas and values of our enemies.

What’s worse, the masses of Black people support the traitors while leaving our Revolutionary Artist who represent the People and our Struggle to carry on in obscurity, never seeing the level of support the treasonous Minstrels enjoy. #RealTalk

Fucking Jay Z rapped; “it’s hard not to kill Ni99as, it’s like a full time job not to kill Ni99as,” and we shook our stupid asses to it; then when the Fascist Cops make his lyrics reality, we praise Jay Z for sending some of his money (that he earned promoting anti-social and materialistic behaviors to our youth for the past 20 years) to the incarcerated Baltimore protesters.  SMH.  

These people can spit a fraction of the money they earned off of our suffering back at us, and we think they are our saviors.  

When are we gonna mature in all aspects of our struggle, when are we gonna take this shit serious.

We are mobilizing a whole new generation of youth to fight the same damn fight we though we won over 50 years ago, and they are using the same damn methods that were proven failures 25 years ago!

Ahhh fuck it, I’m off my original point, it was about propaganda and Gangsta Rap, or something.  Fuck it, I’m out.