Internal Enemies.


You know, at the end of World War II, and the liberation of the Concentration Camps; the Russians began to gather Nazi camp guards and soldiers together and march them off to prisoner of war camps. Some of the Soviet soldiers observed that there were still some Jews among the guards, that those Jews had come to identify so strongly with the Nazis that they wanted to share the same fate as their oppressors, even if that meant dying in a Soviet prison/labor camp in Siberia.

Many Africans have this same mentality towards their current oppressors, they will voluntarily remain with their oppressors, even if they have the opportunity and resources to get free. They will aggressively defense their oppressors and the systems of oppression, and even impose it on other People of Color around the globe. They will even hold to this system as it collapses ecologically, socially, and economically; they would rather go down with this Omnicidal Ship than accept an African Alternative.

This is the sad and stark reality, we need to accept this and act accordingly. We can’t waste energy and resources on these individuals, we cannot allow them to join our organizations, or cause continuing disruption in our communities, we have to stop them from infecting our youth with their pathological ways of thinking and being.

Every oppressed people have had to both, fight their oppressors, as will as their Brother and Sisters who had come to love and serve the oppressors willingly; the later conflict is called a Civil War. We, the Global African Diaspora, never had our ultimate internal conflict between the Integrationist and the Black Nationalist because external actors would always intervene on behalf of the Integrationist and prop them up in our communities as the Leadership. The Integrationist have lead us to continuing oppression, and to the brink of genocide over the last century; while Black progressives have preached Black Unity without any real guiding principles and standards for that Unity.

If we don’t address this, we will wallow in oppression until one of our many enemies seizes the opportunity to wipe us out. I’m not advocating that we attack anyone, but we damn sure better be ready to defend ourselves from the pathological Integrationist as we organize for liberation, and begin to rebuild sustainable African enclaves/communities throughout the African Diaspora and in Africa. These internal enemies look just like us, they even espouse progressive rhetoric and wear African garb; so it is not an easy task to identify them and weed them out; but it must be done, we need to structure our organizations where such individuals do as little harm as possible. We must also began to work to dethrone these Leaders and celebrities that attack us (psychologically, intellectually, culturally, etc.), demean us, and do the bidding of the White Corporate Elite. We have to work to reduce or eliminate their influence and standing among our youth. We will not win if we don’t.

At this stage of the struggle, the End Game, it is time to draw the lines in the sand and everyone in your life, your family, your community will have to pick a side; there is no room for riding the fence, or trying to be neutral in this centuries old conflict. This is our last opportunity to transform our people and the world, we will not get another chance to build another mass movement people, the world will not even have the ability to support complex lifeforms if we fail this time and the current Omnicidal System is allowed to run its course.

Become Aware, Get Organized, Take Action.