Obama: The Victimizing Victim

Obama confuses the sentiments of the Black community because we see that he is a victim of rampant Racism at the hands of other politicians
and White citizens of the US, and that makes us sympathetic and
supportive of him.

On the other hand he is an aggressive
supporter and leader of the US Empire and he is continuing the genocidal
policies of the US against Africans here and around the world, but we
feel if we call him out on this we will be allying with Racist, or
justifying the Racism he’s enduring.

We still don’t understand that one can be both a victim of Racism and a servant of White Domination at the same exact time.

Look at Obama as in abused Guard dog
who viciously protects his Master and his Master’s property but that
same master abuses him, poorly tends to the dogs needs, and make the dog
sleep in the dog house even though the dog will give his life to
protect the big house.

If you try to rescue that dog from its
master it will bite your hand off, so it’s best to tend to your business
and allow that sick relationship to play itself out.