Jesus Would Have No Place In Today’s Christanity.

Jesus Christ was falsely convicted, he was a political prisoner, and
he was executed.  You would think that Christians would be on the front
lines of the Prison Abolition Movement, they would all be supporting the
Abolition of the Death Penalty, that Christians would be sending
funding and support to all political prisoners across the globe.  Right?

But Christians tend to be supporters of the very institutions that set
up, tortured, and murdered their Lord and Savior.  The support
established Religion and Religious leaders who sold Jesus out, they
support the Government, Politicians, and Bureaucrats who tried,
convicted, and executed Jesus.  They even support the Elites and Bankers
whom Jesus identified as his enemies and the enemies of God.

Christians are the most Un-Christ-Like individuals you will find in this society.

If Jesus returned today, roaming the streets with dregs, prostitutes,
and poor workers; if he ran up in temple and started wrecking shit, and
tossing out the greedy materialist, if he spoke out against Obama and
his Imperialist policies, Christians would be the first to denounce him
and call for his arrest; they would call him a false prophet, they would
call him a “Hotep,” or accuse him of “blaming the White man for all his
trouble.”  The Christians would ask him why he wasn’t attacking single
mothers, or telling Black youth to pull their pants up because that’s
the kinda shit they do in the name of Jesus.

But I guess I can’t
complain because Christians win more people over to Atheism and Free
Thinking that I could ever hope to, hell these Christians are the ones
who motivated me to seek fact, evidence, and truth over dogma and myths.

So, thanks to all you Un-Christ-Like Christians for doing the Atheist work for them.