These Muthafuckin’ Shoes! Fuck Em, and Jordan Too!


These muthafukin shoes are produced in sweatshops, by underpaid and under-aged workers. The workers use toxic glues and dangerous machinery to make these shoes, they are often injured or poisoned, and they don’t get any benefits or healthcare. The shoes are made with leather that is tanned in other sweatshops that dump mercury and other toxic chemicals into the environment. The plastic and dyes are also toxic and polluting. The shoes are produce for about $5 to $8 dollars a pair and marked up by over 500% when they are sold to you. They are endorsed by well paid, decadent, unscrupulous, and greedy athletes…oh, I mean modern day buck slaves. Phillip Knight, the founder and CEO, of Nike Corp is a multi-billionaire. We have helped this man build a billion dollar global corporation and he sponsors a few basketball tournaments in in the hood along with other tax deductible charitable contributions, what a trade-off!

These shoes are a source of pride for children who have very little in life, they don’t travel, they are given inadequate educational resources, they are not exposed to African literature, or art, they live in blighted and ghettoized areas. These goddamn shoes are the only source of status many of them have so the take great risk to secure them, and will even commit violence to secure them. Our youth have died and killed for these stupid fucking shoes! So don’t post these fucking shoes on my page ever again. Don’t tag me in photos of your new kicks. Stop bragging about your sneakers! Dumbasses! Grow the fuck up!