The great legendary boxer Muhammad Ali passed away a couple of months ago ! I realized that he just traded a slave religion/name ( he was Christian and his previous name was Cassius Clay) for another slave religion Islam ! In your opinion was Muhammed Ali ill informed about the history of Islam imposed by the arabs (who are genetic cousins of the european christians) ? And if he would have embraced a african religion would he have been a cult in africa and the african diaspora !

I’m not sure what Ali know about the history of Islam in Africa, or if he know about the ongoing Islamic Racism and Imperialism in Africa up to the time of his death. I know the NOI, which brought MA to Islam teach a mythologized history of Islam and it’s relation to Black people; and for much of his youth Ali articulated that mythology.

So he was ill-informed about Islam at some point, and like I said; I don’t know if he ever studied or accepted the true history of Islam. 

I think it would have been great if Ali accepted the Mtu Ntr, became an Akan, a Yoruba, or worshiped Nag, or some other indigenous African God.  Yeah, but alas, it was not meant to be.

All that aside, Ali is still an icon of the Black Resistance Struggle, he’s made great contributions to Black people and humanity in general; so I still honor and respect him as an ancestry. 

He was the Greatest.