On Fairness:

I’m just sick of people and their accepted and unexamined ideas; fucking think people, think critically and deeply.

Some asshole told my son that “the world just ain’t fair;” in such a way to suggest that he should accept that the world is unfair, that the natural and unchangeable state of the world is unfairness.

Now, I have a 5 year old son who’s just a boy regular youth, and he understands fairness, since he was 2 years old he has understood what was fair and what was not fair; fairness in instinctual, you don’t even have to teach or explain it to children, they know when shit ain’t balanced and they have a natural desire to balance shit, to be fair.

The media, and all other Institutions of White Domination starting with per-school on up to PhD indoctrinate us in the false notions that “the world just isn’t fair, that life just isn’t fair,” we ain’t even allowed to ask; “why the fuck ain’t it fair!?!”

We officially become mature and rational adults when we fully accept the unfair state of things and begin to teach this BS to our own children. SMH.

Let me tell you, the world is consciously and deliberately made unfair, that unfairness is the most unnatural state and has to be imposed through volumes of law books and enforced with heavily armed police and military. If this shit was natural you would not have to indoctrinate people into accepting unfairness, then point guns at them to make sure they held to that idea.

If a 5 year old understands what’s fair and what isn’t, so do the Elite and the rest of us, be we just to cowardly to step out from the indoctrinated masses and say; “I support and fight for fairness, unfairness is not acceptable.”

If you buy into the bullshit, don’t smear your bullshit onto the psyches on the children at least. My sons never even considered unfairness to be universal or natural until some muthafucka told them that; I had to take the time to explain all this to them; I hate doing xtra parenting and teaching…only the minimum; so stop making xtra work for me!! LoL!

Tell the Youth this, or some version of this, or just STFU talking to young people:

“Yes the world is unfair, but it don’t have to be such, and it always hasn’t been such; don’t ever accept unfairness, and do all you can to be fair and spread fairness and justice.”