I seen a lot of bullshit about the recent shooting at the repubs living it up at their baseball game. Give the real from a pan African perspective. Damn near no one give a fuck when politicians kill and restrict the lives of thousands with legislation but when they get a cap bust in they ass which happen once in a blue moon, it’s “we all need to come together, we all, family, stop the violence”.

The first reports coming out of the shooting stated that the shooter was taken into custody, later that afternoon it was stated that he was killed on the scene; that small discrepancy gives me pause.

I wrote back in February how similar Trump was to Bush, losing the popular vote, facing scrutiny about his qualifications, conflict of interest, and basic competency; and how Bush only became Presidential after the 9/11 attacks; that Trump needed some his own “event” exploit, to allow him to appear like the Grand Leader and Protector of the Empire.  I was thinking that Trump, being the Fascist White Nationalist that he is wouldn’t hesitate to cook up his own Reichstag Fire (False Flag Event); or at the very least hyper-exploit an actual tragedy or terror event for his own ends.  

These are interesting times; there hasn’t been a coordinated Militant White Leftist operating in the US since the Weather Underground was neutralized, not we have AntiFa & characters like James Hodgkinson, truly interesting. 

Leftist Militancy has been a mainstay in Europe since the end of WWII (White War 2), but it was obliterated in the US in the early 1900s, only to have a brief emergence in the 60s only to be snuffed out again. 

There have been White Leftist calling for more militant actions from the left for decades, and we may be seeing the fruit of their efforts.  

The US has always responded more harshly to Left Militancy than it has to Right-Wing Militancy, hell, the US has often funded and endorsed Right-Wing Militancy. So if these events continue expect the State to overreach and overreact in the more Draconian ways possible, and they will not limit their repression to the armed and militant Left either.

Finally, we’ve seen historically that usually the White Left seeks to take power, to rule difference, but they don’t intent to surrender power or resources to the rest of us; they only differ in mythology with their Right-Wing cousins. This generation could be differnt, but there’s not evidence that they are, as of yet. So Pan-Africanist have to stay our course, no matter if the White Left or the White Right are in power, and avoid getting entangled into  White conflicts when our direct interest are not at stake.  

In all internal White conflict, ask yourself: “When the Lion & the Leopard go to War who should the Antelope root for?”