Nonviolence is Fiction.

From the Bundy Ranch confrontation, to the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!
events, to the growing conflicts between the US and Russia, China, and
various Islamic Extremist factions across the globe; when have you heard
any White Leader, political or religious leader call for Whites to be

Tell me one instance when Whites were threatened, or
faced with a challenge to their “liberty,” or economic interest where a
legitimate White leader implored Whites to be non-violent in their reactions, or denounce those who rejected non-violence.

If a White leader from any sector of their community promoted
non-violence or implored Whites to disarm themselves he would be ousted
from his leadership position.  Right now all the White people seeking to
become POTUS, the liberals and the conservatives are bragging about
their support of the military and their promise to employ any and all
levels of violence to sustain the US in its positions of dominance
across the globe.

How is it that the very people who celebrate
and encourage non-violence in the Black community don’t fuck without
non-violence themselves?  

Think about that shit the next time
you wanna feel embarrassed or ashamed for Blacks employing violence for
their own interest, collective or individual violence.  

We need
to kick the Cult of Non-Violence out of our communities, because
Non-Violence is a fictional as the Gods our oppressors imposed on our