How does the rule of hypodescent currently affect the psyche of various shades of Black women and what can we all do, men included, to combat and reconcile this?

“Hypodescent,” haha, I ain’t heard that term since I was an undergrad political science major at UMKC.

That rule, aka; the One Drop Rule, is actually starting to become more lax because the Western Elites are having issues with declining birthrates and their global population is dropping, so since they can’t reproduce they simply expand the defintion of who’s White or White-ish.  Now that talk that Bi-Racial game, trying to dilute our ranks as they add to theirs, or they try to define Bi-Racial as a wholly seperate catagory, so they reduce our numbers while avoiding “contaminating” their ranks with people of mixed heritage. 

The West tries to pretend that this shit is no longer important to them, that they are post-racial, or that it’s all in the past, but this shit is highly relevant to them, even now.  So they will play games that will inflate their numbers and try to justify their consumption of the majority of the world’s resources.

The One Drop Rule I think has often hurt Black women and men becdause it drove us to accpet people into our Race who have no loyalty or internal connection to our Race, like Chuck D said; “every Brotha ain’t a Brotha.”

So often people of mixed Racial heritage have sided with their White parentage and culture against their African parentage, even though their White parentage didn’t fully accept them. 

Dr. John Henrik Clarke wrote and spoke extensively about this historical phenomenon.  He even publicaly expressed a desire to commit a full text to this history titled, “The Role of the Bastard in African History.” 

I know we don’t like to penetrate these issues because they are uncomfortable for us, but we will have to face them.

Haiti is a good example of a bi-racial caste raising to power over the African population and imposing the same oppression as the White men who raped their mothers upon the nation.

Of course not all bi-racial African/Blacks went down this path, and there are many who fully embraced their African parentage and fought like hell for the liberation of their people against all enemies of African people. 

Me personally, I still hold to the One Drop Rule, but only if the person I’m applying it to agrees with me.  If an African tells me they are African, and conducts themselves accordingly, then they are an African, if they say they ain’t, then I accept that they ain’t.  It’s pretty simple.

We need to understand that African people represent across the color spectrum, we have all types of hair textures, we manifest all types of body habitus, which absent color based oppression wouldn’t be an issue.

Our enemies, those who invaded our lands saw this diversity in the African form and almost instictively started to exploit it and play one group with a particular set of features against another group with a diffrent set of characteristics or features. (See: Hutu & Tutsi under French colonialism for a classic example.)

We have to wise up and use our internal diversity again as an asset and not a source or confusion and disruption.