Open Letter to Spoken Reasons:

Dude, Bill Cosby
said that White folks kept their promises to Black people to give us
equal rights, opportunity, and access to the promised land; and that we
could not blame the White man for our problems any longer.  

are either a Cosby supporter or you ain’t.  You can’t support someone by
violating their own positions, values, and ideas in support of them…,
or can you? IDK.

Yes, Cosby tried to buy a major network, and
had the door slam in his face, but how you crying about something that
happened to him, that he ain’t even crying about?  Instead of embarking
on a movement to bring down White media, or racism in the media; he
spent decades telling us that “it’s all our fault.”  Bill had the loot
and influence to say “fuck NBC, CBS, ABC, and YT; I’m rallying my own
people around building our own media apparatus.”  Bill coulda got will
Bob Johnson, Earl Graves, Oprah, and any other rich Black person and did
whatever the fuck he wanted to in the hood, in the Caribbean, in
Africa; and no one could stop them.  But I guess if they couldn’t buy
White Ice, then there would be no Ice at all….LOL.

Again, Bill said that we are the sole reason for our suffering, not White people.  

So, young brother, what’s it going to be; are you a Cosby supporter or
not?  Do you see him as a hero, role model, and an icon or not; if you
do, then get with his program; and stand by his ideas.

Now, I
been saying BC was a piece of shit, even before the allegations
surfaced, so you know I ain’t got no tears to shed for BC.  But I don’t
understand why you who love, trust, and support him always and
consistently abandon his teachings when it’s time to speak for him.

I’ve yet to hear one Bill Booster say; “we can’t blame the White man or
System for Bill’s troubles,” or that “Bill needs to take personal
responsibility for his actions, and if he is innocent, then we can trust
that justice will be served, cuz America is a land of freedom and
opportunity for all.”  

That’s the kinda shit Bill was talking,
and if you ain’t talking that same kinda shit; then you sound foolish
Boosting Bill with any other arguments, cuz Bill himself would have told
you to “have a Coke and a smile, and shut the fuck up” with all that
“conspiracy” talk or that “White men/feminist are against us” talk
before he got his NWUC (Nigga Wake Up Call).

Now, you ain’t
gotta believe these victims and accusers; I do, cuz once a dude sells
out his Race, there’s nothing else I would put past him, but even if you
don’t and think they are all lying, you should still sick with BC’s
program and values on this, out of respect for BC, if you still think
he’s respectable.

(Note: I know yall think it’s impossible for
someone who make hefty, tax deductible donations to Historical Negro
Institutions (that manufacture more Negros every year) to be a sell-out,
but it’s true.  You can still be a sell-out if you attack the masses of
your people while making contributions to the upper class members of
the Race and their children.)

This post is getting kinda long, so
I won’t go into all the other issues with your vid supporting BC, but I
hope you can at least fully acknowledge who you are supporting and what
they supported before they got their NWUC.  

Take care young Brother.  

Side Note: I might start a Bill Boosters Anonymous for our people
suffering and recovering from Cosbyitis, folks losing they minds behind
this shit, we need some healing.