The crazy thing about July 4th or White peoples Independence Day as Chris Rock said it I know you don’t like him lol, is that these whites celebrate a day when they overthrew their british overlords by force. but despise and can’t relate to black folks dong the same to them.

Well, Whites were not just fighting for Independence back in 1776, they were fighting over the control of a Genocidal Colony.  The war for Independence was not a way of Liberation, it was thieves fighting thieves, invaders fighting invaders, enslavers fighting enslavers.

So, it’s not surprise that the winning thieving, enslaving, invaders would oppose any struggle for Liberation.  

The US has opposed all Liberation Struggle both foreign and domestic since its founding, and will continue to do so.  

Hell, the American Revolution was not even a real Revolution, it was a Hostile Corporate Takeover.  Don’t fall for the propaganda, all over this nation Anon. America was founded by Rapist, Thieves, Pedophiles, Liars, and Mass Murders; it was founded by men who sold their own (mixed-race) offspring into slavery!, and that’s who runs the nation to this day; Trump is not the first Pussy Grabber to Occupy the White House.    

Today, instead of atoning for the atrocities of the US, instead of changing the nature and course of the Nation, the White majority just attacks anyone who knows or teaches the truth about the founding of the Republic.