Criminal Governments Hate Snitiches As Much As Any Street-Level Thug.



Who remember these T-shirts, all the Stop Snitching rap songs back in the early and mid200s? How many of you were appalled that the youth were embracing and promoting this longstanding underworld, criminal code of not exposing the crimes of other criminals? How many of you expressed how stupid, ignorant, backwards, counterproductive, destructive, Stop Snitching rhetoric was to the community?

Now, those of you who continue to be anti-Stop Snitching; please tell me how you can continue to support the Obama and administration. Are you aware that Obama is one of the most aggressive presidents when it comes to suppressing, torturing, incarcerating, and even executing Snitches? That he has used the Espionage Act more than any other US president ever; for the specific purpose of silencing and locking up snitches…or as they call them in political circles: WhistleBlowers.

I’m sure you know about Bradley Manning, the solider who snitched on Bush’s and Obama’s numerous War Crimes throughout the 3rd World. Obama wanted to execute this kid even though he didn’t cause the death of one solider by exposing these crimes, even though the info that Manning exposes played a key role in prompting the Arab Spring, and many other People’s Upraising around the globe. Since Obama couldn’t have this guy executed, after torturing him for more than a year, he’s pushing to have him incarcerated for life. You can’t get more anti-Snitch than that.

Yall know about Julian Asange, right. The dude who got Manning’s documents out the the world. Yall know Obama is hunting him like he’s a rabid dog, and has forced him to seek refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London just to avoid being shipped to the US and tortured and locked up for life.

I know yall must be tired of hearing about Edward Snowden, the guy who proved to us and the world that the Crimes of Bush and Obama didn’t stop at the US border, but were taking place right here in God’s nation, the U.S. of A. That Obama has no respect for the The Bill of Rights, or your personal liberty; that Obama and the government views us all as potential terrorist, and spies on all of us with impunity. Well, Snowden saw what happened to Manning and Asange, so he high tailed it outta the LAND OF THE FREE, before he snitched on Obama and the NSA. He’s free now, but he’ll be hunted by the rest of his life.

I won’t burden you with the other unsung heroes…I mean Snitches who are exposing the criminal activities of the government and elite. But you must admit, this is more than enough evidence that the government is no different, hell worse than the gangstas when it come to punishing Snitches.

So, I said all this to say. You Obama supporters who opposed the NO Snitching culture of the gangs and criminal underworld must withdrawal your support of the Obama Administration, or apologize to the gangster scumbags for your hypocrisy.