On Black Leaders…(past, present, & future).

If your awakening came as a result of recent atrocities (that got
corporate media coverage), if that’s the foundation of your activities,
then you are unworthy of leadership (at this point).

If your
awakening is not rooted in, or immediately follow by, research,
observation, study, review, and a sober understanding of the Systems and
Institutions of White Domination; then you are a Reactionary.

These recent cluster of atrocities should provoke study, research, and the development of Organizational Skills; not just activism, outrage, and protest.

There’s nothing wrong with being Reactionary, but there is everything
wrong with remaining a Reactionary throughout your active years, and
allowing Reactionaries to lead a people.

All of our Leaders and
Revolutionist were Reactionary at some stage, responding to stimulus is
the root of Consciousness, we all have our own provocations that sparked
our awakening, but we have to build on that foundation.  

have leaders who’ve only given us Reactionary rhetoric and agendas for
the past half century, and the emerging movements of this generation are
breeding a whole new crop of Reactionary (religiously based) leaders;
we better correct this now.