How can a Africa dismantle white domination and stop being the world’s underclass

I can’t do your question justice in this format.  My specific ideas and actions towards achieving those specific goals can be found in my blog archives however. 

I will give a list of my top five actions though, that’s the best way I think I can at the very least approach answering your question.

Dismantling White Domination:

  1. First we need to study and fully comprehend the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.  We too often engage in opposition with enemies or with processes we fail to fully comprehend.  We need to make understanding first and foremost in our academic and intellectual development.  Unfortunately, we are doing the opposite; our Negro leaders tell us to “stop focusing on the White man, and focus on what we need to do.” This is suicidal, to ignore one’s oppressor, their actions, methods, and larger agendas.
  2. Define who we are, and our ideological stance.  We are still foolishly struggling with who we are as a people, we allow so much unnecessary complexity and confusion in this area.  People want to identify with their Tribes, their religious groupings, their economic group, etc; but our oppression is cultural and Race based and those are the key alignments that we must establish and reinforce as we begin to engage our enemies and work to defeat them.
  3. Collectively and Systematically target vulnerable segments of the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.  That means ending our contributions to them, ending our support for them, and creating viable alternatives as we abandon the culture, rituals, and practices embedded within the Oppressor’s Systems.  It could be something as major as divesting from the Stock Market and directly funding Pan-African Enterprises, or something as simple as no longer buying Nike as a group, buying less expensive brands, and shunting the saved resources into collective or Pan-African projects.  The level and depth of the divestment depends on our level of organization in any given arena and stage of the struggle.  When we move as a collective there are literally thousands of opportunities and options that open to us as a people.
  4. Revolutionize African culture.  All Revolutionary struggles are only as strong as the culture they are birth from.  We have to begin to support existing Revolutionary artist and arts as we groom more and more Revolutionary artist from the ranks of our youth.  Our culture is the first thing the Europeans and Arabs targeted when they reached Africa’s shores because they understood that if they couldn’t break the culture they couldn’t break the nation, they couldn’t break the people.  We have to understand that those artist making millions while driving us deeper into the Western Mentality and Value systems are treasonous, and we undermine our own liberation as we voluntarily consume their products.  
  5. The African Diaspora and African nations always join with the West when they engage their enemies.  We must begin to define our interest in the geopolitical stage and only act in our collective interest, and also in a way that strictly opposes Imperlism.  Fortunately, most of the initial steps towards (defeating White Domination) require simple changes in our thinking and actions; nothing illegal or even high risk but as the System begins to see and feel the affects of these first steps they will intensify their oppression and attempts to derail our efforts, that’s when more advanced actions come into play, that’s for another time…and format tho.

Remove Africans as the World’s Underclass:

  1. The first thing we must do is Define Wealth on Our Own Terms, we will never be richer than those who print the money and manipulate its value, so we must redefine both the symbols and definitions of wealth.
  2. Erect cultural, and where possible physical and policy barriers to entrance into Black nations and Black communities of the Diaspora.  In Hoods and Nations defined as Black you find all Races setting up businesses and operations, that is colonization, even though they don’t call it that.  We need to eject these individuals and their businesses and maintain a Black economic bloc that prevents economic exploitation and extraction from our nations and communities.
  3. Absolutely reject Alien religions, people don’t respect a people who bow before them, or their Gods.  African Gods, Religions, Spiritual Systems, Doctrine, and Rituals are the only path towards spiritual development, salvation of the soul, and respectability among other nations.
  4. Rejection of Western, Indian, Asian standards of beauty.  We have to expand and intensify the Natural Hair and natural beauty movements our women are construction.  We have to get behind the anti-skin bleaching campaign that African models are building; we have to embrace African features in all their manifestations.  Just imagine the resources and time that will be freed up as we stop spending our time and money trying to look like anything other than ourselves.
  5. Finally, we have to understand that our issue is not one of Class but Caste.  We can’t earn, spend, or buy our way to respectability, our humanity dosen’t have a price tag, and even the wealthiest and most talented among us are traumatized by our ongoing oppression.  So we will stop being an underclass when we begin to target and dismantle the systems that have devalued Blackness and Africanity.  That’s most important because if we simply elevated in Class and (fail to) deal with Caste the System would simply drive another population of Black/Brown/Yellow people to the bottom to fill the void, and we don’t want to live in a world were our prosperity comes at the expense of another Race, we have done, and can do better. 

I’m sorry I can’t give a better response to your questions because there are questions we must fully and successfully address, but I just don’t know how to do it more justice in this format. I do recommend ‘Blue Print for Black Power,’ by Amos N. Wilson; and the writings of Claud Anderson to address you two questions in detail.