There is Nothing New About the New World Order (When it Comes to Black People).

The real New World Order was imposed on Black people in the fucking 1400s!  

Stop parroting White Nationalist nonsense and adopt a African World View and African-Centered Historical Understanding.

…and yes, I’m talking to all you cats out here pushing that
Illuminant, Reptilian Overlords, degenerate Rappers using Masonic Hand
Symbols, Luciferian, Mothership on the Horizon, Sovereign Citizen, Alex
Jones, Texe Marrs, Behold a Pale Horse, David Icke bullshit!

We have too much good scholarship and analysis coming from our Pan-African scholars like Dr Amos Wilson, Dr Claud Anderson, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Chinweizu Ibekwe, etc., etc. for yall to be feeding White Nationalist bullshit into our analysis.

Yall are cultivating unneeded paranoia and confusion with that shit, while directing our people towards unworkable solutions.  

That New World Order shit ain’t about us, it’s about Whites seeking to
unseat other Whites from power so that they can take power, that’s the
New World Order these White Nationalist yall listen to are talking