Rule of Thumb: By the time White people are almost universally singing the praises of any African, don’t trust that individual ever again.

Come on, we should know this by now. I don’t give a damn if it’s Dr. King, Jackie “the Ball-Chaser” Robinson, Nelly Mandela, or Jay Z.

You ain’t gotta know nothing else about the person to apply this rule, and 99% of the time you’ll be on point.

Just ask:
“Do White folks love em?”
“Did he/she get a Noble Peace Prize?”
“Is he/she all over they media?”
“Did they give him a parade, holiday, or statue?”
“Have White folks given their Sanctioned Negros permission to sing his/her praises?”
“The don’t love the rest of us, so why they love him/her so damn much?”

Shit, as much as I admire Wangari Maathai, I gotta ask them questions and figure out the answers.