What are your thoughts on Immortal Technique? I think you too would have a very informative and enlightening conversation. Althought you don’t vibe with Dr Umar, you too would have good dialogue as well…. Your thoughts on Dick Gregory? He seems out of his mind. Lol. But what do I know.

I really like Immortal Technique, but I don’t like him using “nigga” in his rhymes, that shit ain’t cool.  I didn’t grow up in NYC, and I almost got into a fight when this Puerto Rican dude called me a “nigga,” but the other Black people at the basketball court broke us up and told me I was wrong for trying to fight him for that; and that it was cool for dudes from PR and DR  to say “nigga.” Wasn’t shit I could do, I couldn’t fight all of Brooklyn, but I still don’t like when IT or Fat Joe are any Hispanics say “nigga.”  Beyond that IT is dope. 

I tried to call Dr. Umar. I wanted to ask him about his Gay Prevention and Conversion Therapy when I heard my son listening to some weird Japanese instrumental music; it sounded kinda gay, and I just wanted to make sure I could fix him if he turned gay listening to that wack music. LOL! No lie. But I just got his answering machine, I was calling him live on the air from my radio show, that might have influenced his willingness to answer, but it would have made for some good radio.

Dick Gregory is a Civil Rights Icon, a Black Comedic Icon, a Black Veganism and Holistic Health Icon, and an grand elder; and he gets the Elder Pass from me, I respect him to the fullest, and he’s at that age where he can say what the fuck he wants and we just need to listen and STFU. No lie. If I reach his age I plan on saying whatever the hell I want and I dare one of you whippersnappers to challenge me. #TeamGregory Oh, plus my wife totally love him, she has all of his books, he recorded albums and shit; and I know better to go against anyone who has the Wife’s stamp of approval.