On Black Leaders and Leadership.

A people need to be led by a vision, an agenda, protocols; not by an
individual. Individual leaders should be interchangeable, but the
mission should always stand. We need to evolve beyond the individual
leader model.

Who’s the leader of Global White Domination, who’s
the leader of Zionism, who’s the leader of the US? (If you say Obama, go
put on a dunce cap.).

We should elect, appoint, chose leaders, give them specific responsibilities, limited authority, and oust them when they prove ineffective/corrupt/incompetent/obsolete and keep the agendas and mission going.

If a competent and just leader dies while in the seat of leadership; we “bury the man and continue the plan.”

It’s that’s simple, why have we not figured this out yet?

The seat of leadership should remain in the hands of the people who are
engaged in the Struggle, and leader needs to be a job and a title in
our Struggle, not a lifelong role, not a divine mandate.

now, the African Diaspora still have the leadership model that was
handed to us by the Slave Master on the Plantation; the charismatic, but
inept leader who poses no real threat to the Master and his interest.

Africa still has the same leadership model handed to them by their
Colonial occupiers; the puppet who puts the interest of the Colonizer
above that of his people.

It’s time for Africa and the African
Diaspora to abandon these leadership models and embrace a Grand
Vision/Mission for our people over multiple generations. That Grand
Vision/Mission is what should lead us.