Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: US Opens Up to Cuba.

In the 1960s when the US started making concessions to the Black internal Subjects of it’s Empire (aka: African-Americans), there were many interesting factors at play. Africa was decolonizing because the Western powers couldn’t hold them after the orgy of White-on-White violence we’ve come to call World War II, Latin America was also heavily flirting with Communism and Socialism after decades of direct Imperial imposition and aggression from the US, and you have Black people in the US saying “to hell with Non-Violence and the Negro Leaders, burn this muthafucka down!” Also, the Soviets were going about the world telling POC that the West and their Capitalism generates poverty, and is racist to the core, encouraging the non-White nations of the world to go Communist for true freedom and economic development.

So, the US needed some serious Public Relations (aka: Propaganda) victories, to out flank the East back in the 50s and 60s. The US/West simply tried to use its old stand-bys like war, mass murder, and assassination; but people were not as easily beat into submission anymore; so they employed a series of PR Policy initiatives to show that the West and Capitalist could be both inclusive and beneficial to the masses (these were lies, but they were beautiful lies, the kinda lies people accept even it all evidence shows them they are being lied to).

That’s were the Civil Rights Reforms came from, not because the White Power Structure (as it was called in Huey P. Newton’s day) had a change of heart, they didn’t all of a sudden see the error of their ways. All of the White Elites from President Dwight Eisenhower, President Kennedy, to President LBJ, to all the rest of the White heroes of the Civil Rights era hateed us in the 60s as much as they did in the 50s, 40s, 30s, and before. They were racist, but they were also nationalist and the put their interest in preserving the Nation and the Empire over their own prejudices; just like Abraham Lincoln did when he “freed the slaves” whom he also hated and felt were worth of subjugation and servitude.

The problem is, we think shit is about us when it ain’t got shit to do with us; we still haven’t lean to distinguish between love and acceptance, and mass manipulation and political machinations.

So when the Civil Rights Bill 1964, which pretty much granted us the same fucking rights as the 1875 civil rights bill, almost 100 years before (which should have fucking told us that fucking Bills and policy reforms ain’t the path to freedom!!!), when those Bills and concessions came down the line, it wasn’t really about us, it was about a superficial transformation of the nation’s public image; so they could go to Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc. and say: “Hey, we’ve figured out that it ain’t cool to be committing genocide against yall and shit, that we should actually pay yall for yall labor and resources, and to prove that we have changed, look at what we are doing for the Nigg…., I mean, the African-Americans who live in our nation.”

Most of the world fell for it, except a few nations that they still had to do the assassination, mass murder, invasion, genocide dance with; those nations would not have suffered so much if the majority of the world had not accepted that lie. Then the West could not have simply picked off the few hold outs who saw though the Bullshit of Western Inclusion.

Anyway, after eating that lie now Blacks in the US are more incarcerated, segregated, dysfunctional, oppressed, and dependent on our oppressors than ever, the rest of the nations were more firmly in the grip of the Western Ne o-colonilism than ever, and we don’t even have the Soviet Union to play against the West anymore. It’s all fucked, or it was until Bush started fucking up so bad that he over extended and over exposed the Imperial hand of the West, and people were bombed out of their slumber.

They tried to give us Obama as a Sleeping Pill, but it only seemed to put Blacks in America and some of Africa back to sleep, but the rest of the 3rd World was all like “fuck that,” Latin America started moving to the Left and electing Native and Socialist leaders and imposing Socialist agendas. Asia was determining that it didn’t need the West for development, and begin to demand that the West met its terms for trade and investment, also, they build up their armies like a muthfucka just in case the West wanted to rerun the Vietnam shit again. The Middle East, shit, do I even need to talk about their resistance? Russia was like fuckit, yall won’t let me be White so we will start acting like the Asian nation that we are.

Then, even Black America and Africa started to say fuckit, and it’s looking like we have a sustained Black uprising in the Hoods across America, and Africa is both rejecting AfriCom (which the media ain’t reporting), there are Leftist grassroots movements all over Africa, many of them armed, they failed to starve Zimbabwe into submission which has embolden other African nations, and they are doing deals with non-Western nations for development and trade (it’s still imbalanced and exploitative, but hell, it’s a change; we’ll have more work to do to make it a change for the better).

So, and this is where the Conspiracy comes is, because all the shit I typed before now is historical, and verifiable fact; overly condensed facts, but facts none the less.

So, Obama announces “normalizing” relations with Cuba. I suspect that his handlers saw that his luster was wearing off, that the reptilian skin was showing underneath his Black mask (LoL, “reptilian,” I can say shit like that because it’s the Conspiracy Corner); so they decided to loosen Obama’s leash and give him a win, a significant win, bigger than Health Care Reform, bigger than his staged capture and killing of Osama, they decided to give him a historical and monumental win; they gave him CUBA!!!

Cuba used to be a political grave yard, even tho the majority of the world was against US aggression against Cuba, the Elites in the US could not tolerate a successful Socialist nation in the Western Hemisphere, and because it’s a lie that Socialism dosen’t work, they had to continue unrelenting terrorist and economic attacks against Cuba to give the illusion that Socialism does not work; but they’ve failed to break the nation. So now they gon try to Love Cuba to Death.

Just watch, Obama will be applauded around the world for doing the right thing and opening up to Cuba, but it ain’t about Cuba, it’s about putting us back to sleep, about making Obama look like a Leader, but also like a Leader with Leftist Leanings, which he’s not.

There will be some other grand gestures coming down the pike, and the WWE of American politics will show the Republicans screaming like they are against the “Liberal Obama.”

Will we fall for it? Will we go back to sleep after the Federal indictments are handed down or the wrongful death settlements are paid out? Will we once again put on our “Yes We Can” and “Change” T-shirts after Obama makes a few more “Liberal” moves in his Foreign Policy?

Are we gonna surrender our emerging Movement for more superficial, symbolic, propaganda Bullshit?

Or, maybe, Obama and the Elites have finally seen the era of their ways, and Cuba is just the first step to them turning over a new leaf, yeah, OK. I think I’m gonna be in the Conspiracy Corner for the remainder of Obama’s Presidency, so yall gon have to celebrate without me.