We have documented history of the US setting up Warlords, Dictators, and Tyrants all over the world.

We know that the US sets up and supports these parasitic individuals and groups who are willing and happy to kill their own people because it allows for the US to dominate their economies while raping their resources.

We’ve seen that when a people lack security, when their environment is saturated with violence, they can’t unite, they can’t establish bonds of trust, they can’t make long terms plans for empowerment, they can only focus on day to day survival and eventual escape.

We have seen that, without US support these Dictators, Warlords, and Tyrants would not have the weapons or power to harass and harm the people. We’ve seen Oppressive regimes fall overnight when the US is forced or chooses to pull their support.

Knowing all of that, why do we think that Street Gangs in the Black Communities of America are caused by immorality of the youth, the irresponsibility of the single mothers in the hood, or our devaluing of education?

Why can’t we see that the Drug Dealing, Property Devaluation, and Numerous Homicides caused by Violent Street Gangs are done with the blessing of the US government/

Why don’t we understand that the Gangs, and the “Artist” that promote this behavior to our youth are agents of the US government, and directed by the CIA?

Why do we keep creating anti-violence programs, education programs, and keep blaming the youth, when the Government is the real problem?

Why do we think we can end violence, especially youth violence, while leaving in place the culture and economy that thrives on violence?