You blacks aren’t going to be liberated from anything only one of two things will happen with collapse of western civilization. Either the planet is uninhabitable or warring states the whole world will turn just like Middle east today. The former is more likely with all the weapons at the disposal of the west.

“We Blacks” appreciate you sharing your shortsighted and warped opinions.  It’s always good to know what the average White Racist Internet Troll is thinking.  The think is, yall so basic and predictable yall don’t have to make Anonymous comments on my blog for me to know what kinda BS is in your mind.  So stop wasting both of our time.

Keep consuming Corporate Media to reinforce your White Indoctrination, as you consume your way to personal oblivian, and just know that you got way too many problems within your own Race, and (I’m sure) within your own absurd life to worry about the Liberation prospects of “us Blacks.” 

W.R.I.T. Score: 3 (poor).

If you want a higher score, avoid using the “you Blacks,”  or you People, type of references; the less Racist, basis, and stupid you are on the surface, the deeper you can bury your ignorance and Racism within your writing, references, and context the higher your W.R.I.T. Score will be. 

Study people like White Democratic politicians, or White liberals in generals, they are much better at burring their Racism than Whites on the Right side of the Western political spectrum.