From a Pan-African perspective, what is the free market? And why are conservatives and libertarians obsessed with it?

The Free Market is pure fiction.

The reason Conservatives and Libertarians; which are just polite ways to say White Racist and White Nationalist, they reasons the Sons of Bitches are so into the Free Market is because they are into White Fiction in general.

The Free Market, Fiat Currency, White Supremacy, Social Darwinism, Christianity, Capitalism, Meritocracy, Democratic Values, American Exceptionalism, etc, are just some of the shit load of bullshit the these White Racist Muthafuckas base their who Systems, Institutions, and Identities on.  

Not even the most Corrupt White dude want to admit that their economies and governing Systems are based on barbarism, theft, Racial preference/bias, and lies; so they invent all this other bullshit to justify the fact that the descendants of invaders, thieves, colonizers, mass rapist, genocidal murders, and underhanded, back stabbing liars still hold on to all the stolen land, power, and resources their despicable ancestors willed to them.  

So, Free Market fiction also serves as an Ego Defense Mechanism for the Psychopathic White Minority that dominates the world economically and militarily; as well as the non-White Treasonous Elites who serve the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.  

They pretend that the Market is Free, that the children of 99% of humanity has the same opportunity to compete and succeed as Bill Gate’s children, or that Bill Gate’s children are worthy of all that their have, just as the billions of youth who live in poverty are unworthy.  

Free Market fiction allow allows the cogs in this sick global system (the middle and working classes) to pretend that they are more than just Human Resources of the Elites, that they are not fully complicated in Genocide and Omnicide.  They can hid behind that fact that there’s a Free Market for all people to engage and have a chance to get rich in.  So fuck the non-Radicalized middle-class; they are the Global House Slaves of the White World Empire; selling out their own Class-Kin.  

Anyway, so fuck all that Free Market bullshit.  Don’t even get wrapped up in it, just know that anyone talking that Free Market shit is either a Racist Psychopath, or a servant of Racist Psychopaths.  

All Markets are regulated, every market in history is regulated, you can’t have a Market without Regulation, Free Markets only mean that regulations that protect poor and working classes are erased, but the regulations protecting the elites are still strictly enforced; from copyrights and patents, to movement of capital across borders, Free Market supporters love regulations that benefit the elites, they just don’t like regulations that support the poor, the environment, or national sovereignty..  

Anyone who’s not a member of the Global 1% that claims to support Free Markets is a fucking idiot, or evil, or so heavily indoctrinated that they are beyond the reach of reason or evident; so don’t waste time one em.  

If you need to look deeper into the mentality and sickness which is Free Market ideology; then read The Lexus and the Olive Tree.  I read that shit a few years ago, and even though it’s a pro-Free Market text Thomas Friedman couldn’t cover up the fact that it’s a sick and unsustainable system and ideology; if you know how to dissect the bullshit he was writing in that book.  

I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time reading Friedman, unless you are just as crazy as I am, LOL!  It’s really a shitty.  But like I said, it will give you real insight into the mentality and world view of the Elite Krackas that are enslaving humanity and killing the world’s ecosystems.  If you do read it, please don’t spend money on it, hell, I’d send you my old copy if I could find it.