Where/when will the next “terrorist” attack take place? Will terrorism cease if/when the Global Capitalist Empire quits imperialism and war in Middle East?

The more appropriate question is: “when will the next “terrorist” attack be publicized and exploited by the Global Elites.  

Terrorist attacks occur every day in the world.  The most common form of terrorism are SCADs (State Crimes Against Democracy); or State Terrorism for short.  These attack are either ignored, or promoted as legal, necessary, justified, and in the best interest of the nation/humanity.

So, the US and other Imperialist nations engage in terrorism on a daily basis, in Black Sites, in Proxy Wars, in Assassination, in Subversion of Leftist Movements and governments.  The Western Empires and their Lackey Nations engage in terrorism with impunity; often with the citizens if their nations cheering them on.

Obama has violated international laws and treaties, and engaged in terrorist drone bombings, overthrow of nations, and provided material support to terrorist organizations across the globe, but he has a Nobel Peace Prize, he’s loved by many who claim to be Liberal, Progressive, and Non-Violent.  

So, if you just wanna know about the next terrorist attack, I can assure you that there will be more than one before you brush your teeth and get into bed this evening, but if you wanna know whens the next False Flag, or Publicized Terrorist Attack (that will be use to further or justify the Imperialist Agenda of the West; that’s a much harder question to answer).  Also, if I answer you correctly the NSA may show up at my door, so I don’t even want to speculate TBA.  But I’ll make a deal with you, you post the question non-anonymously and I’ll give you my best predictions, and we can then share a cell at Guantanamo Bay.  LOL!

I can say this however, the Elites will not hesitate to carry out or allow a TA to occur when it suits their interest to do so.  One of the best defenses we have against such attacks are the relentlessness researchers and whistleblowers out there exposing SCADs, or digging for the truth after a major SCAD has occurred.  We call these people Conspiracy Nuts, when we don’t mock them we ignore them, but they are the only barrier between us and the crimes of the State against us.  

The first major SCAD that involved a number of False Flag terrorist plots and attacks was Operation Gladio, it was very successful and the Elites have employ such measures from then up to now. 

I don’t think Terrorism will end until the State, the apparatus and authority of the State comes to an end, that’s the only way to prevent mass, organized, and legitimized or clandestine violence against a population.  That’s one of the main reasons that Anarchist call for the dissolution of the State because they know that States, by nature do mass violence, they promote and provoke mass violence.  So, you’ll have to support the Anarchist movements if you want a total end to terrorism.

If you want a great reduction in terrorist, you’ll have to struggle to end Western Imperialism and Capitalistic, that will neutralize more than 80% or more of terrorism in our world.