For the past few months I have been studying and familiarizing myself with different scholars past and present. What are your thoughts in Bobby Hemmitt and Del Jones? I really enjoyed listening to Del- its a shame that he dies so soon. I’m now listening to Bobby and I’m curious about others thoughts on him.

I can’t get with the esotericism Bobby Hemmitt would study and teach TBH. I’m not even discounting all of it, but it’s just not my arena.  

Del Jones on the other hand, he was a mentor for me, I read all of his books and finally I had the opportunity to met and get to know him personally, and he’s was one of those few Black “heroes” who lived up to all of the hype.  He talk the talk and walked the walk.  

It is a shame we lost him too soon.  I remember he came to our cafe and we served him up a 100% Vegan organic meal and he looked at us like we were crazy.  LOL!  He loved his food, he was a big man and didn’t want no “twigs” on his plate.  He and his wife Sisah Q did begin to work on his diet, he worked on going Vegan towards the end, but it was a struggle for him.  He was from the era when Revolutionaries smoked, drank, ate red meat, and brought hell to the Racist Kracks.  Health and Wellness was hippy shit to them.  I’m glad health, wellness, and ecology is penetrating the Black Liberation Struggle; but that just wasn’t part of the equation back when Brother Del come on the scene.  

But aside from diet, I learned a lot from Del, not just his scholarship and ideological teachings, but on how to deal, how to engage and value others in the struggle.  How to be fully human, not just a militant, or a radical.  Plus, Del was a fully dude, he’s always have us cracking up when we spoke.