That is What a Feminist Looks Like.

Who has the longest life expectancy in the US? Who is the least likely to live in poverty, be incarcerated, be a victim of violent crime, or be accidentally shot by a cop? Who stood by (and even participated) when thousands of Black men were lynched to protect her purity? Who has never been drafted to fight in a war, or watch their sons suffer from mass criminalization and incarceration? Who has the largest voting demographic in this nation, but keeps electing men to govern them?!? Who has benefited from the enslavement, impoverishment, bombing, and colonizing of other women? Who has other mothers work in their kitchens, doing their laundry, and tending to their children; while those same mothers didn’t earn enough to properly provide for their own children? Who the hell told the Black woman that she didn’t need a man, or a protector, while she enjoyed the highest marriage rates and universal protection from the system? Look it all up, the numbers don’t lie! Then tell me who is oppressed.

I love my sisters, but yall need to take that feminism bullshit somewhere else. She is your oppressor, not me. You need to see that she ain’t gonna help you against her brothers, fathers, and husbands. I’m done speaking on the issue.