Brother Diallo, if there’s been as you correctly analyze and asses, an ongoing race war for the last thousand years and perhaps even longer, why are all these white conservatives, kkk, neo-nazis and black liberals talking about the “impending race war” as if what’s happening in the world right as I type this message isn’t an open race war? Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom brother.

That’s because the White Conservatives, KKK members, Neo-Nazis are members of the White working classes and the White Lumpen Proletariat; they are the fodder of the White elites, they don’t know shit, the the basic analytical skill to analyze shit, and they are the most indoctrinated demographic in the world. 

If you talk most soldiers, they rarely understand the true purpose of a war, the intricacies geopolitics, they just kill and die as they are told to, the same holds true for the White masses. 

If the White masses had any damn sense, any real reading comprehension skills, and a shred of integrity they’d be shooting up corporate boardrooms, they would be hunting down the 1%, they would attacking their own elites instead of targeting vulnerable minorities; oh, and I forgot to add, they are fucking cowards too.

So the White masses attack who they are directed to attack by the White elites, it’s always been that way. 

During the Civil War, there were thousands of poor, landless, illiterate White Confederate soldiers who never benefited from Chattel Slavery, who were dying to keep wealthy White plantation owners in power who couldn’t give two fucks about them.  The White Southern Elites told the dumbass White masses of the South that freed Blacks would kill them and rape their women; same fucking hustle that’s ran today.

The White masses went to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill millions of people so that the White elites could get richer, and the White elites told them that the Sand-Ni99ers wanted to kill them and rape their women.

The White elites keep the White masses focused on the (impending) Race War because it helps to deflect focus from the ongoing Class War that the White elites have waged against their own people since the first Caveman got more than his allotted share of raw mammoth meat. 

So don’t ever go off of what the White masses say or think they are confused and arrogantly ignorant, especially the White Nationalist.  The White Liberals tend to be a little less ignorant, but still dumb as dog shit when it comes to issue of Racism and White Domination. 

If you have the opportunity to met a White Revolutionary Communist, Anarchist, one of the Deep Green Resistance and Animal Liberation White people, or the very few Whites who’ve managed to shun or shake their indoctrination; they’ll be able to tell you that the (one-sided) Race War has been here for centuries.  But these “conscious” Whites are an isolated minority in the White population, and they are hated and considered Race Traitors by the White elites and masses. 

(Note: This is a broad generalization, but it’s still accurate.)

Also, don’t waste your time trying to educate these type-a White folks it’s a waste of your time, if the invade your space just…….